The brief:

Coke and McDonalds wanted to give gaming fans an irresistible offer to drive immediate action while watching their favourite gamers livestream. The key objective was to increase familiarity, habit and incidence of McDonalds with Coke delivered via UberEats.

The Approach:

We leveraged Click creators to promote the release of instant reward codes for free Big Macs, free delivery and $5 off discounts throughout a live two-hour stream on Twitch and YouTube gaming.

The execution:

‘When we win, you win’. Click creators jumped into ‘Among Us’ and were challenged to win as ‘the imposter’ to unlock free Big Mac meals. One successful, the audience was rewarded instantly with a promo code, and prompted to log on to Uber Eats to claim their meal, all live.


Impressions on Twitch & YouTube
0 M
Application rate vs 97% target
0 %
Avg Uber Eats basket spend
$ 0
Avg time (minutes) spent with content
8: 0
Conversion rate on hero offer of Big Mac meals
0 %
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