Little Z

LITTLEZ YOUTUBE CREATOR | SUPER SMASH BROS. CONTENT Little Z is the ultimate Super Smash Bros creator. Producing a mixture of montages, memes and challenge based videos, he has grown his YouTube channel to over 1M subscribers with over 5million views per month. LittleZ is also a member of the group variety and podcast channel […]

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LUMINUM youtube CREATOR | variety CONTENT Luminum brings a positive and light hearted attitude to her audience. Known for her LGBTQIA+ advocacy, along with her love for gaming, you can find her streaming a variety of games such as Diablo 4, Final Fantasy and League of Legends. Luminum also has a strong passion for beauty

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Unlisted Leaf

UNLISTEDLEAF YOUTUBE CREATOR | POKéMON CONTENT Ando aka UnlistedLeaf is one of the largest Pokémon creators in the world. Starting out on YouTube over 10 years ago, Ando is a true pioneer in Pokemon content creation. His videos feature him unboxing new products and opening rare booster packs. Ando often travels the globe to attend

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HOPCAT youtube CREATOR | SUPER SMash bros. CONTENT Hopcat is a talented creator based in Perth, with a large fanbase in platform fighters. He provides an excellent mix of humour, real-life/in-game challenges as well as ‘Elite Smash’ gameplay to entertain his fans.Brands HopCat has worked with: Pokémon GO, MultiVersus, Rumbleverse. TOTAL REACH 0 K Youtube

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