LOEYA TWITCH CREATOR | FORTNITE CONTENT Loeya is a global Fortnite sensation, and the top English speaking female Twitch streamer in the Fortnite creator community. Fostering a positive and fun streaming environment, Loeya’s content is the perfect blend of casual and competitive gameplay, creating an environment where all of her fans feel free to be […]

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MElt YOUTUBE CREATOR | variety CONTENT Melt has his variety content nailed down to a tee. Getting massive views across his Fortnite and Minecraft content while making sure to keep the themes of his videos feeling fresh and new. From Fortnite updates and tests/tutorials, to Minecraft maps, he really has all the bases covered. TOTAL

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MUSELK YOUTUBE CREATOR | FORTNITE CONTENT Muselk is one of the world’s most prominent gaming personalities. His YouTube channel has over 9M followers making him one of the largest Fortnite creators globally. Aside from Fortnite gameplay, his range of content includes event-based vlogs, tech setup tours and tutorials. Muselk’s videos are a regular feature on

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Mustard Plays

MUSTARD PLAYS YOUTUBE CREATOR | FORTNITE CONTENT Mustard Plays is a Fortnite fanatic creating content centered around the UGC side of Fortnite. Beyond just creating video content, Mustard Plays also designs most of the custom Fortnite maps he features in his videos. With his creativity and the tools Fortnite are continuously releasing, there is no

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oatley twitch CREATOR | fortnite CONTENT Over the past few years Oatley has become a titan in the Fortnite Competitive scene. Streaming his tournament and regular gameplay, viewers tune in to gain whatever insights they can to assist them in becoming better competitors themselves. Having won a number of Fortnite Cash Cups, and getting on

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Realms tiktok CREATORs | fortnite CONTENT Realms is one of the true next generation of Fortnite content creators. Having mastered in game builds his content shows a true master in his element. With content across TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube, wherever you want to watch you can see the absolute dominance of Realms. TOTAL REACH 0

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RELIEF YOUTUBE CREATOR | FORTNITE CONTENT Producing exciting Fortnite and Valorant content, Relief is in the middle of a massive winning streak. Pulling massive views on his highly engaging videos, you can be sure that you would be getting not only a fresh concept with amazing content, but also the audience to match. TOTAL REACH

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KEEPUPRADIO tiktok CREATOR | fortnite CONTENT Whitney – also known as KeepUpRadio, is a multitalented content creator, with her skills covering everything from singing and song writing, to gaming content. Starting her content journey by sharing celebrity news and fun facts, she has continued to develop into a great gaming content creator, and a brilliant

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vanessuh twitch CREATOR | variety CONTENT Virginia based Vanessuh streams mostly Fortnite with some variety content thrown in. Dont let her humble Twitch bio of ‘mediocre Fortnite player’ fool you though, she is a star to be. With her bubbly personality and her strategic play, you are sure to be enthralled. With a focus on

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