Sponty YOUTUBE CREATOR | MINECRAFT CONTENT Sponty is an Australian based Minecraft creator with an ever expanding catalogue of fun and exciting comedy content. Tune in to catch Sponty making Minecraft memes with his friends AyeSheila, BudgieSmuggler and Drongo. TOTAL REACH 0 k Youtube views* 0 k AUS LOCATION youtube demographics 35-44 AGE M: 59% […]

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Milo & Chip

MiloandCHIP YOUTUBE CREATORs | MINECRAFT CONTENT Introducing Milo and Chip, the dynamic brother and best friend duo who love to play and navigate the endless landscapes of Minecraft together, facing challenges head-on and forging unforgettable memories along the way. TOTAL REACH 0 K Youtube views* 0 k AUS LOCATION youtube demographics 35-44 AGE M: 52%

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MILLKBERRY twitch CREATOR | minecraft CONTENT Millkberry is a creator on the rise, regularly engaging with Minecraft content and Just Chatting streams on Twitch. Aside from gaming, Millkberry shares more personable content on TikTok from mini vlogs, comedy skits, and cosplay.Brands Millkberry has worked with: Razer. TOTAL REACH 0 K TWITCH WATCH HOURS* 0 K

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FUZIONDROID YOUTUBE CREATOR | MINECRAFT CONTENT Since 2013, FuzionDroid has been at the forefront of Minecraft content creation in Australia. His family-friendly channel features a mix of Minecraft Mods and roleplay content. Fuzion has amassed over 2.5M loyal followers who regularly come back to watch his large catalogue of evergreen content.Brands FuzionDroid has worked with:

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firelight YOUTUBE CREATOR | MINECRAFT CONTENT Meet Firelight, one of Australia’s most popular Minecraft channels and part of the EYstreem YouTube network. The family friendly channel follows Firelight diving head first into immersive role play and challenge based videos. You can find best friends Firelight and EYstreem adventuring together through the world of Minecraft. TOTAL

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EYSTREEM YOUTUBE CREATOR | MINECRAFT CONTENT Jordan aka EYstreem is one of the largest Minecraft YouTube channels worldwide. With a focus on family-friendly content his channel includes a mixture of in-game tips, challenges and story-led videos. In addition to running the EYstreem channel, Jordan is also CEO of Spawnpoint Media, a production company running a

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AVAJC tiktok CREATOR | variety CONTENT Massive Minecraft talent AvaJC has her sights set on great things. Having grown her audience to a phenominal size off the back of Minecraft content, Ava is begining to diversify her content. With some new Youtube and TikTok content on the way, both focused on Minecraft and other new

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