Mehrked Val

MEHRKEDVAL YOUTUBE CREATOR | VALORANT CONTENT Recently shifting his attention to creating Valorant content, MehrkedVal uploads unique challenge videos that really stand out! MehrkedVal focuses his content on enjoying games in new and different ways, going beyond the limitations of standard game modes. In addition to being a gamer, Mehrked is also a musician and […]

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KEEOH YOUTUBE CREATOR | VALORANT CONTENT Keeoh aka Joseph, aka “the backflip guy”, is a well renowned Valorant streamer and content creator, formerly playing games such as Overwatch and Fortnite. Keeoh has rapidly grown as a creator since taking on streaming full-time in 2018. Whether it’s speed running the journey to Immortal with every agent

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KARIYU YOUTUBE CREATOR | VALORANT CONTENT Kariyu is a variety creator on YouTube and Twitch most recently known for his entertaining Valorant content. Kariyu has gone beyond the usual ranked play content with original songs, using a pen as a mouse and many more novel concepts. With Kariyu’s diverse gaming background including other games such

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