JACKBUZZA tiktok CREATORs | variety CONTENT Jackbuzza is a variety content creator, focusing on games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves and more! His enthusiasm for content creation has led him to grow his TikTok following to over 3M, and is constantly diversifying himself across Twitch and YouTube.Brands Jackbuzza has worked with: LEGO, TikTok. […]

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Little Z

LITTLEZ YOUTUBE CREATOR | SUPER SMASH BROS. CONTENT Little Z is the ultimate Super Smash Bros creator. Producing a mixture of montages, memes and challenge based videos, he has grown his YouTube channel to over 1M subscribers with over 5million views per month. LittleZ is also a member of the group variety and podcast channel

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LUMINUM youtube CREATOR | variety CONTENT Luminum brings a positive and light hearted attitude to her audience. Known for her LGBTQIA+ advocacy, along with her love for gaming, you can find her streaming a variety of games such as Diablo 4, Final Fantasy and League of Legends. Luminum also has a strong passion for beauty

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mashing YOUTUBE CREATOR | variety CONTENT Smashings second channel is the hallmark example of how a creator should approach their second channel. Leaving the VR content for his main channel and picking up variety content and streams on the second, Smashing can feel comfortable in experimenting with his content, while still keeping his audience entertained

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MIKAYLAH tiktok CREATOR | variety CONTENT Mikaylah is a frequent streamer with a following of over 600k followers on Twitch. She focuses on engaging with her audience in new ways and creating dedicated fans on her platform through personality streams and reactions.Brands Mikaylah has worked with: Dislyte, CASETiFY. TOTAL REACH 0 M tiktok views* 0

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More Muselk

moreMUSELK YOUTUBE CREATOR | FORTNITE CONTENT Muselk is one of the world’s most prominent gaming personalities. His second YouTube channel has over 900K followers adding to his already monumental following from his main account. His second channel content ranges from extra Fortnite videos, to Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and whatever else peakes his interest along

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Narrator youtube CREATOR | variety CONTENT Narrator is Your Narrators second channel and continues his work as one of the most iconic gaming personalities on YouTube. As a member of YouTube group ‘The Boys’, he creates hilarious variety and reaction content alongside JoshDub, Mully, EddieVR, and Juicy. Narrator’s voiceovers are second to none, bringing a

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PHOS tiktok CREATORs | variety CONTENT Phos brings her magnetic personality to her content, attracting a diverse audience. As a variety content creator, Phos regularly engages with gaming titles such as Minecraft, Fortnite, and Valorant. Having worked on a number of campaigns, Phos has become a friendly face to many brands and organisations outside of

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Sleepy Mully

SLEEPYMULLY youtube CREATOR | VARIETY CONTENT Adding to his already expansive content catalogue, SleepyMully is the second channel of one of Australias largest creators, Mully. Driven mostly by reaction content, hilarious behind the scenes stories, and other IRL content, you can be sure that every video on the SleepyMully channel is a must watch. Brands

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Special Edd

spEcialedd youtube CREATOR | variety CONTENT Adding to his already impressive main channel reach of 7m subscribers, EddieVR has been running an equally successful second channel, Special Edd. Through his fun reaction and variety gaming content he has amassed another 3.7m subscribers keeping his fans incredibly engaged across the board. Brands EddieVR has worked with: YouTube,

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