EDDIEVR youtube CREATOR | virtual reality CONTENT EddieVR is the fastest upcoming VR creator on YouTube. With over 6 million subscribers, he brings a new wave of entertainment into the VR space through his combination of Spanish and English. Being bilingual makes him extremely versatile and opens up many doors for brand opportunities worldwide. Eddie […]

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JOSHDUB youtube CREATOR | virtual reality CONTENT JoshDub has pioneered mainstream VR entertainment on YouTube. With over 9M subscribers to his channel, Josh continues to produce engaging comedy for a range of audiences, Joining forces with Mully, the pair have become a powerful and very influential duo in the YouTube gaming space. Josh is also

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JUICY youtube CREATOR | virtual reality CONTENT Juicy features hilarious VR content alongside JoshDub, Mully, EddieVR and YourNarrator. Juicy is especially beloved by his fans for his unique style of comedy, and they eagerly await his new uploads on his channel. His content appeals to wide demographics and he stays on the forefront of internet

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MULLY youtube CREATOR | virtual reality CONTENT Creating unique and engaging VR-based comedy for a mass audience, he continues to grow at an exponential rate resulting in a combined viewership of over 58 million views. Alongside JoshDub, EddieVR, YourNarrator and Juicy, ‘The Boys’ bring the forefront of VR entertainment to a large and rapidly growing

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RICKLE YOUTUBE CREATOR | VR CONTENT Rickle joins our strong list of the world’s largest VR content creators, with a unique approach of weaving hilarious storytelling through his skit-based comedy. Dubbing himself the ‘Loudest American in VR’, he certainly brings the energy and engagement to his fan base on YouTube.Brands Rickle has worked with: Raid:

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SMASHING youtube CREATOR | virtual reality CONTENT Smashing is the rising star in VR content showcasing his unique comedic style. Having gained over 350k subscribers in his first year, he has shown that his brand of content is incredibly popular with universal audiences as he continues his rapid channel growth.Brands Smashing has worked with: Quest

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Your Narrator

YOUR NARRATOR youtube CREATOR | virtual reality CONTENT Your Narrator is one of the most iconic gaming personalities on YouTube. As a member of YouTube group ‘The Boys’, he creates hilarious VR content alongside JoshDub, Mully, EddieVR, and Juicy. Narrator’s voiceovers are second to none, bringing a unique spin to branded opportunities.Brands Your Narrator has

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