Lucky Chappy

LUCKYCHAPPY tiktok CREATOR | WARZONE CONTENT Keeping his content fresh between Warzone and Apex Legends, LuckyChappy is truly a man cemented in the Battle Royal space. Having built up a huge following on the back of his Facebook and Twitch streams, as well as his short form, he is a tailored fit for any brands

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LUMINUM youtube CREATOR | variety CONTENT Luminum brings a positive and light hearted attitude to her audience. Known for her LGBTQIA+ advocacy, along with her love for gaming, you can find her streaming a variety of games such as Diablo 4, Final Fantasy and League of Legends. Luminum also has a strong passion for beauty

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HOSHIZORA youtube CREATOR | OVERWATCH CONTENT Hoshizora is a variety creator, primarily focusing on Overwatch gameplay. Sitting at over 100K followers on YouTube and over 65K on Twitch, Hoshi streams and releases new gaming content every day of the week.Brands Hoshizora has worked with: Prime Gaming, Xbox, NordVPN. TOTAL REACH 0 K Youtube views* 0

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oatley twitch CREATOR | fortnite CONTENT Over the past few years Oatley has become a titan in the Fortnite Competitive scene. Streaming his tournament and regular gameplay, viewers tune in to gain whatever insights they can to assist them in becoming better competitors themselves. Having won a number of Fortnite Cash Cups, and getting on

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Overtime AU

OVERTIMEAU facebook CREATOR | warzone CONTENT With a focus on FPS titles, particularly Call of Duty: Warzone, Overtime’s personality and charm constantly come across while showing the most intense gameplay on the net; which is why his dedicated community love him!Brands OvertimeAU has worked with: Alienware. TOTAL REACH 0 K facebook views* 0 K Aus

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PHOS tiktok CREATORs | variety CONTENT Phos brings her magnetic personality to her content, attracting a diverse audience. As a variety content creator, Phos regularly engages with gaming titles such as Minecraft, Fortnite, and Valorant. Having worked on a number of campaigns, Phos has become a friendly face to many brands and organisations outside of

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Taylor Morgan

TAYLOR MORGAN tiktok CREATOR | call of duty CONTENT Best known for her Call Of Duty content, Taylor has quickly grown her TikTok channel to over 700k followers with her gaming related comedy skits. You can also find her streaming COD, Valorant, and a variety of other games most days on Twitch!Brands Taylor Morgan has

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KATE twitch CREATOR | gta v CONTENT Kate is a Canadian based variety content creator, most recently known for her entertaining GTA V roleplay streams. Kate’s growing audience on Twitch of over 114K is rapidly increasing, reaching a wide range of viewers who enjoy her GTA RP adventures as much as they enjoy her just

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