JACKBUZZA tiktok CREATORs | variety CONTENT Jackbuzza is a variety content creator, focusing on games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves and more! His enthusiasm for content creation has led him to grow his TikTok following to over 3M, and is constantly diversifying himself across Twitch and YouTube.Brands Jackbuzza has worked with: LEGO, TikTok. […]

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LOEYA TWITCH CREATOR | FORTNITE CONTENT Loeya is a global Fortnite sensation, and the top English speaking female Twitch streamer in the Fortnite creator community. Fostering a positive and fun streaming environment, Loeya’s content is the perfect blend of casual and competitive gameplay, creating an environment where all of her fans feel free to be

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Little Z

LITTLEZ YOUTUBE CREATOR | SUPER SMASH BROS. CONTENT Little Z is the ultimate Super Smash Bros creator. Producing a mixture of montages, memes and challenge based videos, he has grown his YouTube channel to over 1M subscribers with over 5million views per month. LittleZ is also a member of the group variety and podcast channel

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MElt YOUTUBE CREATOR | variety CONTENT Melt has his variety content nailed down to a tee. Getting massive views across his Fortnite and Minecraft content while making sure to keep the themes of his videos feeling fresh and new. From Fortnite updates and tests/tutorials, to Minecraft maps, he really has all the bases covered. TOTAL

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Sponty YOUTUBE CREATOR | MINECRAFT CONTENT Sponty is an Australian based Minecraft creator with an ever expanding catalogue of fun and exciting comedy content. Tune in to catch Sponty making Minecraft memes with his friends AyeSheila, BudgieSmuggler and Drongo. TOTAL REACH 0 k Youtube views* 0 k AUS LOCATION youtube demographics 35-44 AGE M: 59%

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mashing YOUTUBE CREATOR | variety CONTENT Smashings second channel is the hallmark example of how a creator should approach their second channel. Leaving the VR content for his main channel and picking up variety content and streams on the second, Smashing can feel comfortable in experimenting with his content, while still keeping his audience entertained

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MIKAYLAH tiktok CREATOR | variety CONTENT Mikaylah is a frequent streamer with a following of over 600k followers on Twitch. She focuses on engaging with her audience in new ways and creating dedicated fans on her platform through personality streams and reactions.Brands Mikaylah has worked with: Dislyte, CASETiFY. TOTAL REACH 0 M tiktok views* 0

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OASIS Twitch CREATOR | overwatch CONTENT Oasis is largely known for her vibrant Overwatch and Apex Legends gameplay on Twitch, YouTube and social media channels, becoming the 2018 community lead of the Australian Overwatch team. Starting her career in 2016, Oasis has focused on creating engaging content that provides a platform in which she is

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More Muselk

moreMUSELK YOUTUBE CREATOR | FORTNITE CONTENT Muselk is one of the world’s most prominent gaming personalities. His second YouTube channel has over 900K followers adding to his already monumental following from his main account. His second channel content ranges from extra Fortnite videos, to Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and whatever else peakes his interest along

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Unlisted Leaf

UNLISTEDLEAF YOUTUBE CREATOR | POKéMON CONTENT Ando aka UnlistedLeaf is one of the largest Pokémon creators in the world. Starting out on YouTube over 10 years ago, Ando is a true pioneer in Pokemon content creation. His videos feature him unboxing new products and opening rare booster packs. Ando often travels the globe to attend

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