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Creating authentic campaigns in the gaming sphere requires a deep understanding of the ever evolving gaming landscape. Whether it’s knowing how to align your brand with the next big game, or an up and coming creator, it’s imperative for brands to be working with those who can future proof their marketing strategy in this space.

At Click, our team of creators, strategists, and creatives that are experts in gaming and its passionate community. Our proprietary research, along with direct access to our exclusive gaming talent and their data guarantees informed content that most importantly genuinely connects to viewers and drives engagement.

We ideate and strategise high impact, data driven campaigns that work. Our ideas are best in class, award winning and position brands as authentic voices in an increasingly competitive category.

We can dip your toe in the gaming waters or build you an entire universe, you decide.


While the metaverse is new, creating immersive branded experiences is not.

Our in-house team of Unreal Engine developers create custom games and experiences for brands that are specifically created to deliver priority messaging to achieve clients target metrics.

Rather than passively viewing an ad, consumers are actively immersed in an environment that offers real value and the ability to entertain, educate, inspire and delight.

Whether it be Roblox, Fortnite or Minecraft, Click will guide you every step of the way, from ideation through to production and promotion.



We were built by creators, for creators. Co-founded by global gaming creator, Muselk, Click now represents the largest exclusive roster of gaming creators in the English speaking market.

Click is designed to provide creators the 360 support they need to maximize their potential.

In our eyes, management should be the business partner that helps position you for success, and takes off a load leaving you more time to focus on your creativity and content.

Our creators span the US, Australia, the UK and Canada, and all facets of the gaming space, from Minecraft to Fortnite to Rust. The size and breadth of our roster gives us unparalleled ability to find the perfect creator fit for brands looking to partner with gaming influencers.

In the last 5 years, we’ve driven more than $40m in revenue to our roster. From branding, platform negotiation, merchandise deals, sponsorships, licensing, travel and events, we’re with you every step of the way.


Whether it’s running a branded digital tournament or producing top tier social video, our in-house team of videographers and editors will help you create relatable and aspirational content that feels genuine to Gen Z audiences.

Click Media works with advertisers to create high quality branded content that can be amplified through owned channels, used as stand alone brand content, or paid media and digital campaigns.

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